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  • Magic

    Of *magic* there are two kinds: [[Arcane Magic|Arcane]] and [[Divine Magic|Divine]]. Arcane magic is derived either from intense study or inherent aptitude. It is the magic used by bards, sorcerers, and wizards. Divine magic is bestowed by a God …

  • Arcane Magic

    *Arcane Magic* in [[Meridia]] is derived from stones, minerals, crystals, and elements (henceforth called only "minerals") within the earth. Each magical school is inextricably linked with a particular mineral, the presence of which may heighten the …

  • Mage

    A *mage* is a wizard who does not specialize in a single school of [[Arcane Magic|arcane magic]], but rather casts spells from all schools of arcane magic. Because magic on [[Meridia]] is derived from minerals in the earth, mages often carry with them …

  • Retribution

    *Retribution* is a rare phenomenon which results from the casting of an [[Arcane Magic]] spell without the aid of its related mineral in a geographical region dominated by the magical essence of the opposing school's mineral. The first recorded reference …

  • Arcane Minerals

    Throughout [[Meridia]] a raw force permeates certain geologic substances. Those who are able, either by intense training or inherent aptitude, to tap this force and bend it to their will are known as Arcane Magic users -- sorcerers, wizards, and skilled …

  • Divine Magic

    Clerics and druids, as well as experienced paladins and rangers, may use *Divine Magic*, as bestowed upon them by their [[Deities|deity]]. Every Divine Magic user must be devoted to a particular God or Goddess, each of whom grant their followers certain …

  • Deities

    The following is the list of *deities* and the divine domains they sanction. [[Divine Magic]] users may only cast spells from domains sanctioned by the deity they worship. notextile.

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