North shore of alutania

The Realm of Alutania, or simply Alutania, is a sovereign nation in Western Erdos.

To the north of Alutania, across the Gulf of Wistenbrae and the land border in the northeast, is the Kingdom of Meridia.


Inhabited primarily by humans, Alutania is also home to native dwarven and gnome populations.


After generations of fighting Kaaldiri hordes, the people of Alutania have developed a deep hatred of their neighbors to the east, as well as a strong warrior attitude that sets them apart from the more peaceful Meridians to the north, whom the Alutanians view as simple farmers grown soft by lack of conflict. Still, the relationship between Alutania and Meridia is a strong and friendly one. Though the two nations are not official allies, both aid (militaristic and civilian) and trade are frequently exchanged.


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