Arcane Minerals

Throughout Meridia a raw force permeates certain geologic substances. Those who are able, either by intense training or inherent aptitude, to tap this force and bend it to their will are known as Arcane Magic users — sorcerers, wizards, and skilled bards. The geologic substances known to power the various schools of Arcane Magic are known as Arcane Minerals, or simply “minerals.”

The following is a guideline for where arcane minerals may be found in nature. These descriptions are generalizations, and it should not be assumed that these are the only places where such minerals occur.

1. Limestone (Abjuration): Limestone is typically found on seabeds, river and stream banks, exposed cliff faces, coastlines, and in cave systems. It is the most common of the minerals known to have magical essence.

2. Amber (Transmutation): Amber will typically be found in the heavily forested areas of Meridia, usually where rivers, streams, and lakes have cut the forest floor. Amber may be found in the coastal waters near forested areas, and may be found in caves near or within forested areas.

3. Coal (Conjuration): Coal is typically found in the low rolling hills and plains of Meridia, but may be found anywhere there is a vast abundance of natural growth. Coal is slightly less common than Limestone in frequency.

4. Gold (Enchantment): Gold will typically be found in mountainous regions, however swift moving streams that feed into strong flowing rivers may carry gold a great distance. Gold has also been known to show in coastal waters. Gold is fairly rare in Meridia.

5. Pure Quartz (Illusion): Pure Quartz is not as common in Meridia as the many varieties of impure quartz. Typically it is found in craggy hills and mountains and the caves of these places. A great bed of pure quartz has been located off the coast near Westember in western Meridia, however this is the only instance of such a formation found in coastal waters.

6. Iron (Evocation): Iron is found in most hilly or mountainous regions. Most notable of these are the Greyfel Mountains of eastern Meridia. It is from these mountains that the majority of the iron forged or smelted is derived. Iron is fairly common in Meridia.

7. Silver (Divination): Silver can be found almost anywhere in Meridia, though it is exceedingly hard to find. In the central plains of Meridia a veritable silver farm was located, upon which was built many small prairie towns. The mountainous region where the Greyfel Mountains split in the southeast is known to hold long veins of silver. Additional instances of silver have been rumored about all of Meridia, but have yielded little in the way of true silver.

8. Obsidian (Necromancy): Obsidian can be found in active or dormant volcanic regions. Southeastern Meridia is known for volcanic activity, but the entire Greyfel range has seen periodic volcanic activity throughout history. The black beaches of the northwestern islands are thought to be of crushed obsidian. That said, Obsidian is rare in Meridia.

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Arcane Minerals

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