The following is the list of deities and the divine domains they sanction. Divine Magic users may only cast spells from domains sanctioned by the deity they worship.

Pantheon of Deities and Sanctioned Domains
Age God/Goddess Name Alignment Sanctioned Domains
Greater Goddess Hallia Good Good, Healing, Knowledge, Law, Protection, Sun
Lesser Goddess Faenyr Good Animal, Good, Healing, Plant
Lesser God Wiln Good Air, Good, Protection, Water
Greater God Io Neutral Earth, Fire, Healing, Knowledge, Protection, Strength
Greater Goddess Khia Neutral Knowledge, Luck, Magic, Protection, Travel, Trickery
Lesser Goddess Ona Neutral Knowledge, Law, Protection, Strength
Lesser God Terus Neutral Earth, Knowledge, Protection, Strength
Lesser Goddess Quala Neutral Animal, Plant, Travel, Water
Lesser God Zhynn Neutral Animal, Chaos, Destruction, Earth
Greater God Nuul Evil Death, Destruction, Evil, Knowledge, Law, Trickery
Lesser God Pith Evil Animal, Earth, Evil, War
Lesser Goddess Graendl Evil Death, Destruction, Evil, Trickery

Though all of the deities welcome devotion from almost anyone, only certain individuals are capable of understanding the will of their God or Goddess. Those who understand the will of their deity are blessed by that deity, and may then use Divine Magic of the domains the deity sanctions. Below is a list of minimum requirements necessary to earn the blessing of each deity.

Deity Blessing Requirements
Deity Alignments Allowed Minimum Attributes
Hallia Any Good Wis 13+, Cha 13+
Faenyr NG, CG Wis 10+, Dex 11+
Wiln NG, CG Wis 12+
Io LN, N Wis 10+, Str 12+, Con 13+
Khia LN, N Wis 12+, Int 13+, Cha 10+
Ona LN Wis 12+
Terus Any Neutral Wis 9+, Str 10+, Con 11+
Quala Any Neutral Wis 10+, Dex 11+
Zhynn N, CN Wis 9+, Dex 12+
Nuul LE, NE Wis 13+, Int 13+
Pith NE, CE Wis 10+, Con 10+, Str 10+
Graendl Any Evil Wis 12+

Each of the deities bestow upon their faithful followers not only access to certain domains of Divine Magic, but also, if the follower has proven their faith over time, additional abilities. A follower proves their faith by growing in experience and adhering to the deity’s required sacrifice(s). The following is a list of sacrifices required by each deity, additional abilities bestowed, and when those abilities are granted.

Deities, Sacrifices, and Powers
Deity Sacrifices Acolyte* Powers Priest/Priestess** Powers
Hallia^ Cannot use weapons or armor of bone, ivory, hide, or leather; -50% to all spells during night if without light; Raise Dead and Resurrection cannot be cast at night 1/day: Light spell on holy symbol or Cure Light Wounds 1/week: Rainbow Pattern or Raise Dead
Faenyr^ May only use organic weapons and armor; Becomes Weak (-2 Str) and Wick (-2 Con) in urban areas; -50% to all spells in urban areas; loss of Faenyr's blessing after 1 week + 1d4 days/lvl in urban area 1/day: Charm Animal or Pass Without Trace 1/week: Summon Nature's Ally IV
Wiln Cannot wear plate armor; -50% to all spells when underground due to claustrophobia 1/day: Faerie Fire or Featherfall 1/week: Call Lightning
Io^ May only use weapons and armor of metal or stone; Becomes Disoriented (30% of getting lost, attacks fumble on 1-4) when not standing on rock or earth if without 10 lbs of rock or earth on person; Must sleep with the ground or stone immediately beneath head, otherwise spells are not regained by resting; After 10 days of improper rest Disorientation becomes continuous; Loss of Io's blessing after 20 days of improper rest 1/day: Sanctuary 1/week: Spike Stones
Khia^ May not use weapons over 3 lbs; May not use armor over 40 lbs; -25% to all spells one hour before and after noon and midnight +25% to all spells one hour before and after dawn and dusk; 1/day: Command or Detect Magic 1/week: True Seeing or Magic Jar
Ona^ Must always obey the law of his/her society; If a criminal act is made or witnessed, or if the follower is associated with a crime, he/she must immediately seek Justice for the crime through lawful means; If any action is taken that does not further this path to Justice Ona's blessing will be lost 1/day: Detect Law or Detect Chaos 1/week: Discern Lies, Speak With Dead, or Tongues
Terus May only use metal or stone weapons and armor; -50% to all spells when on or surrounded by water; Must Save vs. Will to avoid Panic if immersed ankle deep or more in water; Successful saving throw results in Anxiety (-50% to all spells); If the saving throw is failed, the follower disregards all further actions (attacks, defense, communication, etc.) and attempts to escape the water immediately; After 2d4 rounds Panicked the follower passes out for 1d4+1 rounds; Upon waking, another Save vs. Will may be rolled 1/day: Endure Elements 1/week: Meld Into Stone or Stone Shape
Quala Cannot use metal weapons or armor; If not within 10 miles of ocean or, if 1 lb. sea salt is carried, 5 miles of open water (100sq. feet per level), follower becomes Parched (-50% to all spells); If Parched for 24 hours, the follower's skin begins to dry, crack, and flake away (-1 to attack, -1 AC, -1d2 hp); Effects of continued Parched status are cumulative (2nd day: -2 ATK, -2 AC, -2d2 hp, 3rd day: -3 ATK, -3 AC, -3d2 hp, etc.); If the follower falls unconscious by any means while Parched, Quala's blessing is lost 1/day: Entangle 1/week: Speak With Plants or Summon Nature's Ally IV
Zhynn^ May only use organic weapons and armor; In temperatures 40 degrees (F) and lower the follower becomes Fatigued (-2 Str and -50% to all spells); After 4 hours Fatigued a Save vs. Will is rolled; Successful saving throw produces no effect and an additional save must be rolled every 4 hours; Failed saving throw or willingly falling asleep results in hibernetic coma, from which the follower will not wake until the surrounding temperature reaches 50 degrees (F) Frozen Stasis: While in hibernation, the follower will not age or die by natural means; 1/day: Locate Creature or Invisibility (only from undead) 1/week: Giant Vermin or Contagion
Nuul^ Cleric weapon and armor restrictions per Handbook; Flesh exposed to sunlight causes Searing Pain (-50% to all spells) and blisters develop; At the end of every round during which the follower's flesh is in direct contact with sunlight he or she must Save vs. Magic to avoid 1d2+1/lvl damage; If the follower falls unconscious by any means while in direct sunlight, Nuul's blessing is lost 1/day: Cause Fear, Command, or Cause Light Wounds 1/week: True Seeing or Inflict Critical Wounds
Pith Cleric weapon and armor restrictions per Handbook; If above ground for 4 hours, the follower must Save vs. Will; Successful save results in Distraction (-50% to all spells); Failed save results in Hysteria, during which time Pith's blessing will be lost if any action is made that does not bring the follower closer to being under ground; This save is made only once daily; If above ground for a number of days greater than his or her level, the follower loses Pith's blessing 1/day: Darkness or Inflict Light Wounds 1/week: Prayer or Meld Into Stone
Graendl^ May only use weapons and armor made of bone; Only piercing weapons may be used; Must sacrifice to the glory of Graendl sentient life equal in mass to the follower at least once every 30 days or Graendl's blessing is lost; This sacrifice may be disregarded if on land consecrated a priest of Graendl 1/day: Cause Fear, Silence, or Inflict Light Wounds Consecrate Land: The priest may consecrate land in the amount of 10 sq. feet/level/week; Plant life will wither and die on such land; Without a priest of Graendl present, consecrated land returns to normal in 1d3+1/lvl weeks; 1/week: Contagion or Fear

*- Acolytes are followers of first level and higher who maintain the deity’s blessing. Acolyte Powers may be used once daily at first level and one additional time daily every three levels; e.g., a 3rd level follower of Wiln may cast Faerie Fire and Featherfall twice daily (one of them twice or both of them once).

**- Priests and Priestesses are followers of fifth level and higher who maintain the deity’s blessing. They keep all Acolyte Powers they have earned. In addition, Priestly Powers may be used once weekly per every five levels; e.g., a 10th level follower of Khia may cast True Seeing and Magic Jar twice weekly (one of them twice or both of them once).

^- These deities bestow upon all blessed followers to ability to Turn/Rebuke Undead.