Dragon Reproduction

Little is known for certain concerning the method by which dragons mate. Historical record of dubious reliability, coupled with observations of predatory fish (said to reproduce in a manner similar to that of dragons), informs the notion of dragon reproduction that is generally agreed upon by those learned enough to have studied the subject. Aelus the Wise, in the chapter Dragon and Dragonkin of his tome On the Generation, Purpose, and Corruption of the Natural Animal, writes:

…it is in the laying of her Eggs, be they in the Bodies of deceased Beasts in the Manner of the Black, tethered in dense Cloud in the Manner of the Silver, deep in a roiling Mountain in the Manner of the Red, in Stream Bed in the Manner of the Blue, or on Driftwood or floating Debris in the Manner of the Bronze, that the Female Dragon achieves her sole Purpose. It is then the Male, his Masculinity cultivated and his Vigor elicited by the pungent Reek of his Mate’s excreted Mucus and Fluids, without whose own Essence the unspawned Dragonlings would prematurely terminate, who seeks out the infertile Eggs some Days or Weeks or Months hence to spray over them that necessary Ingredient for their Actualization. Due in part to the inherent Difficulty in locating the Female’s Nest, Order has seen to it that the Males exceed the Females in Number by a Ratio of Fifteen to One. For this Reason is the Female Dragon an especially rare Creature whose Survival, at least to Maturation, is of utmost Importance for the Survival of the Dragon Species.

- Dragons and Dragonkin, 3:14

Though the validity of this passage is questioned, it has long defined public perception regarding dragon reproduction. It also describes the reason why killing a female dragon is said to be more significant than killing a male.

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Dragon Reproduction

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