Alleged dragonhunters in the greyfels

Most believe the dragons have not been seen in Meridia for generations, though none know for certain when the last verifiable sighting occurred. Some say all of the Lesser Dragons have died off or been killed, either by their own kind or by dragonhunters. Others believe that even the High Dragons, immortal by nature, have killed each other or been slain. But the stories of their power, and the heroes who sought them out, continue to pass from parent to child.

There are two types of dragons: the High Dragons, and the Lesser Dragons. The High Dragons, it is said, were created at the dawn of the world as messengers between the deities and the mortal races. There were six in number, known by name across the realm, though whether six—or any—remain is a mystery.

All descendants of the High Dragons are known as the Lesser Dragons. Many Lesser Dragons have played key roles in history, engaging with humanoid concerns for motives all their own. Reliable historical record, including documents written by Aelus the Wise, indicate that Lesser Dragons have indeed been killed, and in some cased captured, by man.

If dragons remain in realm, they operate in unknown places, in secret, or both.

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