Long known as stewards of the lands of Erdos, the Druids are a non-political, secretive society devoted to the preservation of the natural order. Though they may follow various Gods, the druids are united in their appreciation of nature. Some focus more on certain aspects of the environment –- biological, geological, meteorological, etc. –- while others are less specific in their devotions, but all druids value nature, and strive to maintain its cyclic continuation.


The extent of the Druidic Hierachy is not fully known, and most outside of the organization may only speculate as to its structure. What is known is that each Initiate druid is assigned a region of terrain to observe, maintain, and protect. Initiates generally report only to one Esteemed druid, whose task is to manage both a larger region of land and the Initiates who see to the areas within it. More rare are the High druids, whose number is small but unknown. These stewards of sometimes nature see to the protection of regions as large as nations, and similarly they direct the Esteemed druids beneath them. Above the High druids are a handful of individuals of mythic stature, sometimes referred to as the Eminent druids, whose abilities must surely be exaggerated. Their wisdom and influence is often sought by Kings both just and cruel, but their decisions and motivations are mysterious and unpredictable.

These titles are approximations used primarily outside of the organization. Even the druids themselves are not fully aware of how many druids exist, nor how many positions of leadership exceed their immediate superior.


Druids have their own language, shared only among those within the druidic society. Any druid caught teaching this language to someone outside the organization is immediately excommunicated. Druidic is written in a unique alphabet.


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