The Continent of Erdos, or simply Erdos, comprises most of the known world. Rumors, myth, and legend all hint at other lands with other peoples somewhere across the seas, but of such places no maps are known.


Resembling a teardrop in shape, the continent of Erdos encompasses a vast territory with an enormous range of climates, geographies, and cultures. The mainland stretches roughly 600 miles wide by 1000 miles long.

The north of the continent succumbs to tundra inhabited by large mammals and the nomadic barbarians who hunt them. A central mountain range known as the Greyfel Mountains nearly splits the continent down its center from north to south, keeping apart nations that otherwise might have destroyed each other long ago. The lands west of the Greyfel Mountains are primarily civilized nations built upon fertile land and mutual trade. To the east much of the land is scorched and deserted. Along the waterways the people of the east find ways to survive amidst the harsh climate and ungenerous soil, but the culture that has evolved in these lands is feared and hated by much of the west.

Kingdoms and Peoples

There are five major kingdoms of Erdos but many small nations and a few city-states. The names of the Five Kingdoms are: Linwyle, The Kingdom of Meridia, The Realm of Alutania, Kaaldir, and Onetia. Among the smaller nations are the dwarves of the Greyfel Mountains and the halflings of Meridia’s Green Hills.

South of the tundra to the west is the massive Linwyle Forest, while east of the Greyfels is the northern stretch of Kaaldir. South of the Linwyle are the rolling hills and fertile prairies of Meridia in the west, with the desolate Kaaldiri wastelands east of the mountains. The southwest of the continent is the hard, rocky land of Alutania with the secluded land of Onetia further still. Alutania’s eastern borders have long defended against the tides of unorganized Kaaldiri onslaught.

More Information

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