High Dragons

According to myth and legend, the six High Dragons were created by the Gods as messengers between the mortal races and the divine. Though immortal by nature, a High Dragon may be slain. Their offspring, the lesser dragons, once claimed secluded lairs across the continent and were known for vast intelligence and almost limitless power, but as the mortal races proliferated across the lands the dragons vanished. Some say the time of dragons has passed, that the last of them have either been killed or have left the realm never to return. Others believe the lesser dragons have fallen but that the High Dragons remain, isolated in places unknown to man, watching as the eons pass. Still other mortals—often those on the fringes of society: hermits in the woods, refugees wandering unkept lands—other mortals insist, despite being stigmatized as raving fools, that they have seen shapes in the clouds, heard rumblings beneath the valleys, or felt the forests quake.


There was Ilithriel the Gold, Dragonfather, King of the Dragons, and Great Whisperer, to whom the Gods were said to commune directly.

There was Lyturna the Black, Spawnmother, Endbringer, and Creator of Destruction.

There was Ermes the Silver, Trickster of the Dragons, said to hold no roost but soar perpetually, well above the clouds.

There was Falbrenir the Red, Lord of Earthfire, called Firebreather and Ashbringer.

There was Seulidaan the Blue, Seer Unseen, said to walk the mortal realm in human guise.

And there was Sylii the Bronze, Gleamwing, Fate’s Hand, said to sympathize with mortal suffering.

The High Dragons
Name Alignment Other Names Breath Weapon
Ilithriel the Gold Good Dragonfather, King of the Dragons, Great Whisperer Cone of Fire, Cone of Weakening Gas
Lyturna the Black Evil Spawnmother, Endbringer, Creator of Destruction Line of Acid
Ermes the Silver Unaligned Trickster of the Dragons Cone of Cold, Cone of Paralyzing Gas
Falbrenir the Red Evil Lord of Earthfire, Firebreather, Ashbringer Cone of Fire
Seulidaan the Blue Unaligned Seer Unseen Line of Lightning
Sylii the Bronze Good Gleamwing, Fate's Hand Line of Lightning, Cone of Repulsion Gas

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High Dragons

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