The Kingdom of Meridia, or simply Meridia, is a sovereign nation in Western Erdos.


With shoreline to the north, west, and south Meridia is effectively a broad peninsula, but it shares land boundaries with the elves of Linwyle Forest to the northeast, with the dwarves of the Greyfel Mountains and the mixed races of Kaaldir to the east, and with the largely human lands of Alutania to the southeast.

Along Meridia’s eastern border sprawl the broken backs of the Greyfel Mountains, a range with snowcapped peaks approaching 16,000 feet. To the northeast the Linwyle Forest encroaches upon the peninsula. In the northwest the Green Hills are home to a large halfling population. The rocky western shoreline gradually crumbles into accessible beaches further south, such that the capital city of Westember’s port actively trades via the Irenic Ocean to the north and west and via the Gulf of Wistenbrae to the south. Heavy rains produce a southern region that is wet and occasionally boggy. The central prairies are known for their fertile soil and various mineral diversity.


(See also: Free Peoples of Meridia)

The population of Meridia varies widely, but the inhabitants are primarily human and halfling. Elves and dwarves are by no means unknown, and often a family of dwarves, elves, or both will reside even in small hamlets.

Outside of the main cities the non-human races are found in geographical regions close to their homelands. The halflings live primarily in and around the Green Hills, many elves live not far from Linwyle Forest, and the dwarves who do not live beneath the Greyfel peaks often live nearby.

Alutania, to the south, is a land that has seen more warfare and bloodshed than Meridia, and as such Alutanians are a more battle-hardened folk with a culture that values physical strength and the warrior spirit more than Meridia’s quieter, simpler values. Alutanians and those who share the Alutanian mindset are often found in Meridia’s southern and southeastern lands.


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