On the Generation, Purpose, and Corruption of the Natural Animal

On the Generation, Purpose, and Corruption of the Natural Animal is a historic tome by the ancient historian Aelus the Wise. Though much of it has been damaged by time, what segments remain offer an invaluable bestiary of “the Natural Animal,” a term Aelus used to describe all non-human species, a usage for which he has earned sharp criticism.

Much of the book concerns the life cycles and organizational structures of living beings. Many of the book’s claims have been discredited by further study, but the work as a whole remains influential. Portions of the text are often studied in even the most elementary of schools.

What follows are all excerpts from the tome that are contained anywhere within the Encyclopaedia Meridia.


Dragon and Dragonkin

Quoted in Retribution:

...Of all Arcane Weavers to test the Limits of their Art, it was the great Necromancer Xactor, called Deathraiser and Coldbringer, who met a Fate most Ironic and Cruel. Having summoned his Army of Wights and Banshees, Ghouls and Wraiths, he descended through a secret Entrance into the Greyfel Mountains intent on overwhelming the Dwarven Homeland and creating a sovereign undead Nation of Minions. The first and only Battle of this Great Invasion was a Massacre; the Dwarves knew not how to Combat this new Foe, and all seemed lost. It is said that the Great Battle took place in a grand Cavern of Quartz--now known as the opposing Mineral of the Necromantic Obsidian. After Xactor admired his swift Victory he moved to the Forefront of his Troops and, in order that he might greatly recoup and indeed add to his own Forces, began to cast an Arcane Necromantic Spell that would raise the fallen Dwarves to his Bidding. But at that Moment, just as Xactor poised on the Cusp of an immeasurable Power easily capable of changing the Course of History, the inherent magical Essence of the Quartz subverted his Attempt, and focused the Immensity of his Power upon his own Person. Dwarven Lore claims his Body was so ravaged by untempered Magics that is was scarcely discernible against the Ancient Ghouls around it.

- The Cost of Magic, 16:12

Quoted in Dragon Reproduction:

…it is in the laying of her Eggs, be they in the Bodies of deceased Beasts in the Manner of the Black, tethered in dense Cloud in the Manner of the Silver, deep in a roiling Mountain in the Manner of the Red, in Stream Bed in the Manner of the Blue, or on Driftwood or floating Debris in the Manner of the Bronze, that the Female Dragon achieves her sole Purpose. It is then the Male, his Masculinity cultivated and his Vigor elicited by the pungent Reek of his Mate’s excreted Mucus and Fluids, without whose own Essence the unspawned Dragonlings would prematurely terminate, who seeks out the infertile Eggs some Days or Weeks or Months hence to spray over them that necessary Ingredient for their Actualization. Due in part to the inherent Difficulty in locating the Female’s Nest, Order has seen to it that the Males exceed the Females in Number by a Ratio of Fifteen to One. For this Reason is the Female Dragon an especially rare Creature whose Survival, at least to Maturation, is of utmost Importance for the Survival of the Dragon Species.

- Dragon and Dragonkin, 3:14

On the Generation, Purpose, and Corruption of the Natural Animal

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