Red Hand

The Red Hand, labeled freedom fighters by some and dangerous rebels by others, is a militaristic group that rejects the authority of the Westember Council and seeks to establish a new rule of law for the Peoples of Meridia. They rove the countryside beyond sight of Westember’s stone walls, and approximations of their numbers are unreliable at best, ranging from 15 to 300. Randall Tavish is known to be the founder and leader of the group.

Tavish and his followers actively pursue skirmishes against the Enemy, and for this some praise their initiative. Others, notably Westember officials, denounce their traps and schemes as unorganized. Others go so far as to consider the group a real danger to the city — not directly, but by drawing the Enemy’s attention and feigning strength in numbers where there is none.

The Red Hand claims to aid those in need, as long as they are unaffiliated with the city or its government. Those who refuse to renounce Westember are usually ignored, though isolated incidents of violence have been reported.

Westember officials consider the Red Hand a serious threat, as they risk bringing more enemy forces to the region and refuse to join the organized military. The Red Hand believe against all doubt that it is the weakness of the civilized races that has brought about their demise. Pampered city-folk must fall, they say, so that those capable of surviving a brutal, lawless wilderness may rule a stronger society.

Red Hand

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